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Floraverse new layout

Wed Feb 26, 2014, 8:22 PM

I have a new layout up courtesy of LexyEevee! Please check it out here:

Also if you want prompts or things to do, keep in mind that the group is still open here:

And there's also a Patreon in case you want to be a little more supportive!

The other one was removed by dA, I assume, due to the screenshot of his business card listing his email address, even though that publicly can be found on his newgrounds. Regardless, I will edit it out of my own image this time. This journal is just a c/p of the Google cache (no idea how long this link will be valid), so don't worry, this is all from mostly Decemberish.

I apologize if you've seen this before; feel free to ignore it, but I'm keeping this record on my page.

EDIT: 2/10/2014

By an incredible stroke of luck, it turns out I did NOT toss out the business card.  It was lumped in with a pile of art I received at Anime Expo last year, when he used the card during his harassment.

EDIT: 12/7/2013 6:16PM

It seems Sean is trying to leave a message everyone who commented in this thread with the same message.

He says he is not allowed to post in it "for some reason" but the reason is actually that he harassed me on my deviantart page months ago trying to propagate the rumor that I was kicked out of art school, instead of having dropped out. I blocked him as a result. Here is the link to the thread for the curious:…

Here is a link from Decemeber 2nd (this year) of him associating with the person who threatened to dox me and kill my cats, in the middle of trying to find more rumors to spread about me + my school status (sonicmega is him, and catmage guy is the associate):

Here he is saying he "only" was asking for information from that person about the aforementioned rumor, linked above. ...Despite the fact that months ago, he asked me and I clarified that's not what happened.  Along with the logs in my tumblr post that are of me telling him that is not what happened, and him saying (quote):

19:05] <PommyN64> Here's the part you're missing PK. Regardless of if it's a lie, many people believe it is true. And as those many people share it, more will come to believe it because "how could so many people be wrong"?
[19:05] <PK> when i know it cannot possibly be true?
[19:05] <PommyN64> This is basic psychology.
[19:05] <PommyN64> Even if YOU know it isn't true, THEY believe it is.
[19:05] <PK> why would you actively participate in that
[19:05] <PommyN64> Well, frankly, because you're not a very nice person and I don't care what happens to you as a result.

I find it very hard to believe that he does not condone others harassing me when he said, months ago, that he does not care what happens to me.

Here he is talking about more rumormongering, saying it was "proved" that I dropped out due to 'not having credits' (that doesn't even make sense) when it was solely my choice to drop out for personal reasons. (I even maintained a 3.8 or 3.9 GPA, but I can't remember which)

As of this post, I have received no apology from Mr. Chiplock, but he did make a hollow one to his fans without mentioning me or the thing he did.

Here you can see how much he plays down what happened and how he harassed me irl. He does not mention that at all. He refers to it as merely making a "comment in regards to a relationship trouble" when you can see that it is not that at all.

Since then, however, I have received a very kind apology from Kaiji Tang, Hagakure's voice actor, who has both apologized for the whole Dangan Ronpa cast and for Mr. Chiplock, and who has apparently urged Mr. Chiplock to apologize publicly. I have still received no such apology, but even if it remains that way, I am very touched by the kind gesture of Mr. Tang, who did not need to go out of his way at all for this, yet he did!

(Original Post Below)
So basically a few days ago I made a post warning people about Sean Chiplock (otherwise known as PommyN64 or sonicmega), Dangan Ronpa VA for Ishimaru Kiyotaka, because he sought me out IRL to harass me. I didn't post about it at the time (back at AX in July) because it made me very shaken and I just wanted him to go away and stop bothering me.

He hasn't, and so I finally decided it was time to post about the things he had been doing. Please, please take this as a warning to avoid this dangerous person. It's not worth it.

Now people he knows are trying to find our address to kill our cats because they're upset that his career might get tarnished for me talking about what he actually did.

Here's the full post about it, on tumblr:…

Here's some images in regards to that:

I'll be posting work over the next week or two every day for the launch, and then after that updates will at least be once a week.

The group is here: floraverse

I hope you enjoy just reading things from it even if you don't participate, but certainly I look forward to your participation!

On dA for 10 years

Wed Jul 10, 2013, 2:24 PM

I'm happy to have been here for this long.

It doesn't feel that long - but in a few more years I'll have been on this site for half my life.  Sheesh!

I've improved so much having an audience to show work to, even if the point of the work wasn't an audience - just having a platform from which I could do anything at all has been really amazing for me over the years.

And then... PMD-e... which has been a really tremendous learning experience for me (and others!), in so many ways. I don't want to turn this journal sappy or anything, but I've been lucky to have met so many people and have gotten the chance to help create a community with its ups and downs.

And... speaking of such...

I'll be making a journal later about the state of PMD-e right now - I know the updates have been sporadic, and this has been for a few reasons.  I've been thinking about how to word things for a few days now, and I don't think I've quite gotten it yet.

Anyway, for those of you who've been around since the beginning - thank you. And for those of you who maybe even only discovered my account in the past few days, thank you too! I hope you all can continue to enjoy my artwork for as long as I can make it engaging.

I have some new projects I want to discuss soon, but for now, if you're feeling a little down about your artwork, why not go to the very last page of my gallery? The one where I uploaded artwork 10 years ago? You can see that time, practice, and experience are what truly breed skill, which is why I strive to never purge my gallery of the old and embarrassing artwork. 

Thank you, everyone!

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Pokemon button commissions

Sat May 25, 2013, 5:39 PM

does anyone want to commission pokemon buttons??? you can take a look at examples here

I guess I could also do things from different series, but not OCs, and I might not want to do it if it's too obscure (I will do any pokemon though)

They are 2 1/4" each and it costs 15 dollars for a design - so I guess if you want a Pokemon in particular I haven't painted, this is a chance for a kind of cheap painting commission

I don't do OCs though! but I will send you 4 of the button you commission in the mail (please also send shipping money, which is different depending on if you live in or outside of the U.S.)

send an email to with button design inquiries! write "button commission" in the subject

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Anime Central!!!

Thu May 16, 2013, 4:52 PM

I'm at Anime Central! Gonna be selling from Fri-Sun with pengosolvent!
Come stop by the booth "Papaya Arts" in the Artists' Alley! I can't give the table number because I don't think they've given me a real one yet (I'm marked as 000 currently) and I'm going to have to find out where I'm really seated tomorrow.  I'll edit this once I know for sure, haha...

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Fri Apr 26, 2013, 1:25 AM

okay so pengosolvent fulfills what I want perfectly, but there are going to be like dozens of new songs i need for the upcoming parts for epilogue! I mean I could just work pengo like a dog because I'm guestimating I'll need like 70 songs total for all 5 parts of the flashes, and we only have hmm like 15 of them done right now (to be fair I haven't written out most of the ones I need until tonight, so I can finally start assigning the rest to pengo)

but some variety is nice, and this will end up paid some if you make songs that go on the albums! if you haven't checked out the bandcamp yet then you wouldn't know, but we sell albums there where the musicians get all the profits from it! it's turned a pretty penny so far, much to my delight, as I get to watch people earn money for helping out with PMD-e

anyway, if you are a musician who can work on a tight deadline and you don't have a lot of obligations in the next month, please contact me!

my email is and I'd prefer you send an email with the subject "music audition" with samples to your work and stuff
I'll need loops of the music, so make sure you know how to work with your program enough that you can give me a seamless repeating loop of the song!

please don't send me notes, either - emails are the best way for me to communicate with you.

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Wed Apr 17, 2013, 3:07 AM



Please leave a link of your TEAM, and ALSO what guild they're in, and ALSO list off their names and species IN YOUR COMMENT! As well as which of them were in the past, WHEN they were in the past (if it was just M7 or both M7 and M8 or just M8, I NEED to know to be accurate) - as well as their GUILDS!  As well as WHICH MISSIONS THEY DID or are DOING! (m7 and m8, I want to know what EACH of your pokemon has done)

Do NOT leave me a block of text, just a simple TLDR summary with all of the information required
That makes it easiest for me when I'm scanning the comments looking for the perfect Pokemon to write into the epilogue

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4 mil kiriban

Mon Apr 1, 2013, 7:42 PM

ill make a stupid quick doodle painting if you get it
rules: SCREENCAP IT. paste it in a comment to THIS JOURNAL.
1 only, first to get it wins
if i sense a cheater (I have my ways) then you will receive 0 things and there will be another selected

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Sun Mar 31, 2013, 11:57 PM

i need like 500 more to renew the super group which runs out today
ill doodle you a quick thing of 1 character

GOT THE POINTS I NEED thanks everyone gonna renew the super group now

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Fri Mar 29, 2013, 12:00 AM

Table 514 Papaya Arts!
Be there or be square!!!

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Thu Jan 24, 2013, 1:57 PM

I am feeling the sting in my wallet after japan and like 3 weeks of solidly working on PMD and also paying for my next convention hotel rooms and planes and bs

please commission me for a painting so i can keep working on the next pmd flash stuff without having to stall it??????? semi-rendered paintings (a little more than a speedpaint) for 40 dollars a character UNLESS ITS PORN then its 50 dollars a character

no preference on subject; can be anything, but if it's porn it has to be something i will feel comfortable posting on my adult blog!! otherwise i cant accept it

the commission cant be too complicated it needs to be simple like "my pokemon using an attack" or "my character looking cool/cute/etc" and I will pick the background - you can suggest a setting that will influence what i do with it though! these are supposed to be fun experimental practice and so i dont want to have to super analyze descriptions or anything, please understand! i want to do my best to practice on simple ideas

please email me at for inquiries! thanks! ill try to do all of them tonight and tomorrow and post em here

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Musicians wanted (again)

Tue Jan 8, 2013, 12:02 AM

welp! last time went really well, and now it's time for part 2 in the series of needing music!! please send me an email with a link to your music portfolio to and I will assign you a song that I need. the due dates for the upcoming parts aren't all the same, but regardless, the music will be due Jan 24th so I have time to add things in or request changes or to swap things out if I need it.

If you have already helped me out before, be sure to mention that in your email and which song you did (I will probably know, but in case I do not! and please link me to your portfolio again anyway so I can listen to all of it again and get a good feel for which scene's music to assign!)

anyway, I think that about covers it.  I will want some SFX too, but I do not know what yet, so I guess email me with a portfolio if you are a SFX person and I will get back to you within the week about what I will need.

thank you guys! and tell any of your musician friends who have spare time and want to contribute to a group project that lots of people will get to see!

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SacAnime this weekend

Fri Jan 4, 2013, 12:26 AM

I am going to be at SacAnime this weekend in the Dealer's area with Kira of Doujinpress! I hope as many of you will stop by as possible of those who live nearby.  It should be lots of fun.  Come by to check out the new PMD-e Slasher book, as well as the Pony ones!


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Music makers found! Thanks!

Wed Dec 12, 2012, 4:07 AM

Edit:I found the help I needed, THANK you all! Hopefully this project will turn out good!


I'm doing something and need an old-timey remix of a song (I have the song and will send it to anyone who wants to help) by friday morning - it is absolutely imperative to receive it before then because I need to use it for a thing!! a lot of people will see this and you'll be credited by whatever you go by on whatever page you frequent!

I also need some generic sounds if someone will help me find them (while i frantically work to finish this other thing): forest sounds, creepy forest sounds (maybe if you know how to make music this is also something i'd like tackled), blowing mtn winds (sounding really cold)

any help would be really appreciated!! please email me at if you can help out and would like to! please don't offer if you're not positive you'll have the time to do it also! I'd rather not turn someone down in favor of someone who wont get it done, you know? also please link samples of your previous music making experience!

thank you!


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dA sub restored

Mon Dec 10, 2012, 9:27 PM

WOW I wasn't subscribed for a brief 2 minutes, I thought dA was just broken before I realized what the problem was

problem fixed


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streamin doujin pmd-e3 cover

Sun Nov 18, 2012, 6:00 PM

features weavile and sneasel

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poke speed paint commissions

Tue Oct 30, 2012, 11:28 PM

i still have some sketch commissions to finish but i am feeling bummed out over art-related things

I want to do some halloween-related speedpaints of pokemon!! if anyone is interested, they are 25USD for a single character, 45 for 2, and im opening 2-3 slots i guess

i still need to finish a watercolor commission too but i just want a chance to relax with some digital speedpaints first

please comment here with interest and the details and i will reply with OK or not!

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Cameos wanted

Mon Oct 15, 2012, 2:20 PM

Cameos wanted for the M7 epilogue.
Please do all of the following:
List what Missions your team is doing, and who is doing which missions
List your guild
List the Pokemon in your team
If you're a writing team, please IN SHORT describe the appearance of the Pokemon.  I'll be scrolling past long descriptions.
Link your app.  DO NOT LINK A FOLDER OF APPS, I WILL NOT PICK FROM IT.  Just link each individual app if there is more than one.
PLEASE ABSOLUTELY DO NOT PLASTER MISSING ON YOUR MISSING POKEMON'S art, as I will not draw them if their drawing is obscured.

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Premium Pokemon group admins wanted

Sat Sep 29, 2012, 8:33 PM

Well, I guess this'll show how much I pay attention, but the original person who founded :iconpremiumpokemon: left some indeterminate amount of time ago and I'm looking for some people who want to moderate and approve artwork into the group.  It's supposed to be for the really good Pokemon art.  Please send the group a note if you'd like to be considered for approval; pretty much the only prerequisites are that you have a high standard for art and like looking at Pokemon stuff as well as managing what submissions are allowed and not allowed.

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